Big Tyme – Rick Ross ft. Swizz Beatz

Big Tyme – Rick Ross ft. Swizz Beatz
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Big time, I just do it big time (Hey)
All my niggas really do it big time (God damn)
Lil' niggas but we do it big time (Big time)
Started with a nickel rock now I'm big time (Rrah rrah)
Big time (Big time) big time (Say what?)
Looking in the mirror, nigga yeah you're big time (Ladies and gentleman)
They hated on you, dawg but you're big time (God damn)
Talk behind your back cause you're big time (God damn)
Big time (Woo!) big time (Woo!)
You a bad bitch, shawty but you're big time (Zone zone zone)
Yeah, you got small feet but you're big time (Hey)
Bad bitches, big time
Real niggas gotta do it big time (Big time)
Two seater (Woo woo) big time (Oh)
Throw the keys to the bitch, nigga big time (Big time)
Big time (Big time) big time (Big time)
My momma gotta come to me because I'm big time (Woo!)
Big time, real nigga, big time (Hey)
I don't give a fuck, bitch cause I'm big time (Big time)
Til the day I die, I swear to God I'm big time
Amen (Aw man, Ross)

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