Shot Clock – Ella Mai

Shot Clock – Ella Mai
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Shot Clock – Ella Mai Klingelton

Five years of dating, tired of being patient
What the fuck you’re waiting for? Oh, yeah
It’s a lot of niggas hating and I don’t entertain ’em
But damn, you gotta give me more
(Shhh, I know, I know and I’m really trying, but…)
Oh-ohh, if you don’t want it like me
I could think about a hundred things I could be doing right now
Than wasting my time with you, oh (Do-do)
Okay, okay, since you gotta have it your way (Do-do)
I’m have to start that clock on you (Do-do)
We gon’ see what’s up

When that nigga pull up on me, tell that nigga back, back
Don’t you know all of these niggas wish that they could bag that?
I’m just saying, boy, you’re playing, you’re gon’ let it wind down (Wind down)
You got 24 seconds and it’s starting right now (Right now, yeah-eah)

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