Gut Feeling – Ella Mai feat. H.E.R.

Gut Feeling – Ella Mai feat. H.E.R.
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Songtext Gut Feeling Klingeltöne:

Something in the walls
Something in your walk looks different
Something deep inside
Got me wondering why I don’t understand
Why I can’t put my finger on what the fuck is up
What’s missing?
You’re distant, and I’m spinnin’

[Pre-Chorus: Ella Mai]
Don’t ask questions usually
Got the answers that I need
Intuition tellin’ me

[Chorus: Ella Mai]
I just have a gut feeling
Don’t know why I don’t know what it was, really
But the more we touch, the more it starts killin’ me
Killin’ me
Just have a gut feeling
Killin’ me

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