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Afterschool-bang ringtone lyrics 

[Kahi] Jomdeo gwagam hage boyeo juneun geoya neo (To be raised for my life)
[Raina] Jomdeo teukbyeol hage chumeul chuneun geoya neo (To be raised for my life)
([Bekah] One, Two, Three)
(To be raised for my life)

([Kahi] Eumage neol matgyeo ju muneul georeo bwa Yeah)
[Bekah] Crisp clean original new (Check it out)
Quality is what we give to you (Check it out)
A new generation and a whole new start (Check it out)
Collaboration with a brand new heart
(Check it out) [Raina] Jogeum deo dagawa isunganeul Catch Up Oh~

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