Willy Wonka – Macklemore

Willy Wonka – Macklemore
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Willy Wonka - Macklemore Ringtone:

I'm pullin' out in that Maybach
Didn't cop that from the thrift shop (hey)
With my daughter, singing "Hakuna Matata"
Why they hootin' and hollerin'
I'm maneuverin' out to Budapest
And my baby momma duckin' the audit
The IRS been callin', tryna get in my wallet
But they ain't gettin' all of it
I put my feet up on the ottoman, I ought to be relaxin', y'all (relax)
'Cause I'm just 'bout that action boss, 'b-b-bout that action boss
I'm a motherfuckin' icon (icon)
Boots made of python (python)
I met with the Pres and I'm in Obama's iPod (hey)
My front yard got all kinda cars
Long Caddy, blue body, call it Avatar

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