Sally Walker – Iggy Azalea

Sally Walker – Iggy Azalea
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Sally Walker – Iggy Azalea Klingelton

Lil Sally Walker, uh, shake it proper, uh
Bend it over, make it wobble, uh, got a lotta buns
Pick it up and drop it, uh, for the proper funds
Anything to make the profit come, get them dollars, hon’
Add that shit up just like mathematics
If you do it for free, then it’s ass backwards
All of you bitches is mad at me
Pro’ly mad cause you ain’t in my tax bracket
You bitches is broker than glass crackin’
You ain’t gon’ do shit, you just act ratchet
Play with me, you gon’ get back handed
I toot it up and look back at it

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