Real Life – Burna Boy (Feat. Stormzy)

Real Life – Burna Boy (Feat. Stormzy)
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[Pre-Chorus: Stormzy]
Yes, we are blessed, but it's harder to see sometimes
Tryna find my peace of mind, you said how could we be so blinded?
You just follow your dreams and go live your life
I give you something to believe in, I'ma be the reason
[Chorus: Stormzy]
So please (So please), please stay (Please stay)
Say you won't leave (Say you won't leave)
Real life is for living but the vibes you've been giving's not free
So please stay
We'll share the whole thing, yeah
Real life is for living, use this life that you're living, be free
[Verse 2: Burna Boy]
I wonder which style dem guys dem go try now
If una never hear my story mek you find out
I know say nobody is an island
But if dem wan fuck you for nyash, mek you no lie down
And I know you fit later realize am
But the way you don dey move I no dey like am

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