Rae Sremmurd & Juicy J – Powerglide

Rae Sremmurd & Juicy J – Powerglide
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Rae Sremmurd & Juicy J – Powerglide Klingeltone:

What’s in ya’ mug? Toasted up, nah, I ain’t hostin’
Kush all in my lap because these hoes don’t wanna roll it
I was slidin’ in the Lamb’ with the powerglide
Slime green paint, peanut butter inside
She wanna fuck, speak up, comin’ out her clothes (clothes)
I’m in wonderland when she comin’ down the pole
And I don’t care if she take all of mine
Like it ain’t shit but a dollar sign

Diamonds unthawed, comin’ in froze (froze)
Got too many girls to let one of them go (oh)
When I make a purchase, I can’t wait to show-ow-boat (oh)
If she bad, I put a pinky ring on, snow globe
I’ma have that pussy on lock like po-po (yeah)
She was goin’ up and down like yo-yo (down)
You can say I’m greedy ’cause I always want more (more)
I don’t fuck with holmes ’cause they with some slow-pokes (lame)
Ooh, money on monsoon, baby girl, full moon (ayy)
Give these niggas with some money some room
She don’t stop, batteries not included
Oh, big ballin’ like Mutombo
Much cooler than the cool kids, woah
Can you believe every night we do this? (Do this, yeah)

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