Deja Vu – J. Cole

Deja Vu – J. Cole
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Deja Vu Ringtone:

Sometimes you worry bout the things he can provide for ya
Whenever you around I seen it come alive for ya
I finally recognize the feelings that's inside for ya
Although I know your man and trust me he would die for ya
These quiet thoughts of you been going on for years now
I saw you in the party soft lips soft spoken
I came and talked to you but homie interfered now
He introduced you as his girl and I was heartbroken
Some people talk about that love at first sight shit
To keep it real I don't know whether I believe it's true
But if it is than tell me if I'm wrong or right
If I fell in love with you before I ever even knew
I catch your eye then look away as if it never happened
At times I feel as though I'm caught up in a strange dream
If eyes could talk then mines would tell ya that I'm feeling you
Sometimes I swear your eyes be telling me the same thing

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