David Guetta – Play Hard Ringtone

David Guetta – Play Hard Ringtone
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David Guetta – Play Hard Ringtone Free Download

French DJ and producer David Guetta churned out another EDM hit featuring vocals from R&B superstars Akon and Ne-Yo. Guetta was interviewed about this song on his YouTube channel:

"‘Play Hard’ is also a very big record. Ne-Yo is one of the most incredible writers I’ve seen—he’s so fast. I was shocked. Akon is one of my dear, dear friends. Since we did ‘Sexy Bitch’ together, we always kept writing together. And that lane of sound that I was doing—combining urban music and electro. It’s just a big party record."

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Lyrically, the song is about working hard to play hard, backed by consistently hard EDM production. For Guetta, life is the intermingling of hard work and partying. He’s been throwing parties since he was thirteen years old, charging money for entrance to his parents' basement. He then DJ-ed and ran a club called Queen in Paris, and by the time this song dropped, was the third highest-paid DJ in the world.

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Lyrics Play Hard Ringtone:

Come on baby and drop it
Scrub the floor and just mop it
Show these gangsters how you pop lock it
Don’t care what you got in your pocket
I get the way that you rocking
Flip that thang thang don’t stop it
When I just bang bang and pop it
While the club crowded just watch you (work it out)

Got a gang of cash and it’s all thrown out on the bar (now work it out)
And it’s going fast cause I feel like a superstar (now work it out)
And you may not have it, I might just broke the law (now work it out)
It’s your time to grab it, now make this whole thing yours (now work it out)

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