Calling My Spirit – Kodak Black

Calling My Spirit – Kodak Black
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I put my Hublot on rocks
I put moscato on rocks
Where I’m from we don’t say opp
Shoot at an OV, shoot at a cop
Shoot at the police, shoot at your top
I made a million off socks
Free all my niggas who stuck in a box
Locked up and watching the clock
Locked up, they fighting with locks
Locked up, they swinging they knifes
I can't be living this life
No more Bacardi, alright
I don't want Cardi so I'ma pour Henny on ice
My vision is vivid, told you I'm really a menace
I'll show you I'm destined to get it
I be outside with the glizzy
Toting that fire, I be trippin'
I just might die how I'm livin'
Ain't take a bath, but I'm drippin'
Niggas ain't catching me slipping, ayy, yeah
I make you laugh when you with me
Know that my swag is terrific (Glee, glee)
Ain't seen my dad in a minute
But I can't be mad, I got millions
I just pulled up in a lemon
Thuggin', so fuck your opinion
I'm thuggin', so fuck how you feeling
I'm calling my spirit

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