Broccoli – D.R.A.M., Lil Yachty

Broccoli – D.R.A.M., Lil Yachty
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Broccoli ringtones lyrics:

Ain't no tellin' what I'm finna be on (ayy, ayy)
I'm beyond all that fuck shit, hey

Hey lil' mama, would you like to be my sunshine?
Nigga touch my gang, we gon' turn this shit to Columbine
Ice on my neck cost me ten times three
Thirty thousand dollars for a nigga to get flee
I just hit Rodéo and I spent like ten Gs
I just did a show and spent the check on my mama
When I go on vacay I might rent out the Bahamas
And I keep like ten phones, damn I'm really never home

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