WAP – Cardi B

WAP – Cardi B
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Beat it up, baby, catch a charge
Extra large and extra hard
Put this cookie right in your face
Swipe your nose like a credit card
Hop on top, I wanna ride
I do a kegel, I kinda wild
Look at my mouth, look at my thighs
This water is wet, come take a dive
Tie me up like I'm surprised
Let's roleplay, I'll wear a disguise
I want you to park that big Mack truck right in this little garage
Make me dream, make it stream
Out in public, make a scene
I don't cook, I don't clean
But let me tell you how I got this ring (Ayy, ayy)

Gobble me, swallow me, drip down the side of me (Yeah)
Quick, jump out 'fore you let it get inside of me (Yeah)
I tell him where to put it, never tell him where I'm 'bout to be (Huh)
I'll run down on him 'fore I have a– (Ay) runnin' me (Pow, pow, pow)
Talk your sh–, bite your lip (Yeah)
Ask for a car while you ride that ah (While you ride that–)
You really ain't never gotta "mwah" for a thing (Yeah)
He already made his mind up 'fore he came (Ayy, ah)
Now get your boots and your coat for this wet, wet, wet (Ah, ah, ah)
He bought a phone just for pictures of this wet, wet, wet (Click, click, click)
Pay my tuition just to kiss me on this wet, wet, wet (Mwah, mwah, mwah)
Now make it rain if you wanna see some wet, wet, wet (Yeah, yeah)

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